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Hard anodized cookware supporters feel the brand of creativity and thought.Thomas Sabo, Germany, since its inception in 1984, correspondingly, in Indonesia and other European countries to determine the style sterling silver jewellery design management. Germany through designer Thomas Sabo creative elements into the brand, to create a series of stunning jewelry, therefore the ladies hurry.teach people to dizzying .

sequence are to go to the fantastic accessories for any party occasion - more essential - make your New Year's Eve celebration shape be unique.Lately, the German silver jewellery brand Thomas Sabo very first concept shop in the opening of the The far east World Retail center. Beijing 06, everything  in full bloom, a vitality, Series, you will find the shining moon as well as meteor foil, to create the ultimate beautiful, but not exactly the same vision of the heaven.4th, the Let us celebrate the town do to celebrate SeriesThomas Sabo to a series of new strap, and lead you to really feel a lively celebration atmosphere.

No matter where the drink reception area, vibrant lights, cabaret,  Beijing 06, everything in complete bloom, a vitality, an ideal fit the spirit of the Thomas Sabo brand -- love life, filled with vigor, therefore emotional there are endless excitement. China Globe Shopping Mall, Thomas Sabo store is the brand's very first store within Beijing, China region third concept shop. Store area of ??40.8 square meters to give designers infinite innovative ****e.

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