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If you're a German-style lovers must not miss it.Thomas Sabo launched two teach heart Special Edition Present "Barbie cosmetic totes and 2010 Thomas Sabo the Appeal CLUB diary". On purchase of a specified amount free of charge receive the gift of these two Special Edition, will certainly become the 2009 finale collection.Limited Edition Barbie dolls Cosmetic Bag,Following the earlier launched in order to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Barbie items and Barbie of Charm Collection, the company once again with the cl***ic style superstar designed this special edition "Barbie cosmetic bags. Only on net acquisition of $ 1500.

including a 09 Winter CHARM Membership series, you can receive a free.2010 Appeal CLUB diary,Brand CHARM CLUB series has always been numerous Fans of the diary along with simple lines and lovely illustrations throughout, decorated with a number of different strap, the more connected next to the gratification of blessing sentence, sparkle your life every day. Now in which the net acquisition of $ 1000, you can receive a free.

Barbie, the actual international style mark is going to be this year to celebrate her 50th birthday Thomas Sabo design master table in order to congratulate, in particular, to the target audience favorite star as the innovative theme of the 2009 Winter season Charm series. Season Thomas Sabo variations of international fashion vision is construed as a series of thrilling brand new works splendidly reflects the spirit from the times these days. 36 brand new strap is really a continuation of the hundreds of Thomas Sabo Appeal series, this particular extremely successful series still extend this.

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