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In the 1960s, the period of wealthy young girls. Blue, blue-eyed, never thinner than yellow-colored red-colored, bright gold yellow, elegant coffee color with a strong sense of nationwide characteristics from the unique animal pattern leather-based stand out and also to show towards the 1960s, typically the most popular package design perfect , cl***ic fashion, like the juicy couture girl such as elegant, self-confidence, to focus on its personality.

Cl***ic LOGO design and materials with the cl***ic colors of illegal weapons, the bright yellow-colored of focus, or the scrumptious chocolate, matched up with smooth lines to three-dimensional characteristics of the hardware accessories, the sequence features traditional fashion display exhaustive, allow juicy couture handbag store emerged as the period of hit series products.juicy couture bags stems from.

the Portugal Murdoch is not ecstasy the country, taken the globe, Juicy Couture totes flagship shop yes the actual an to concentrate Yu the magazine from the fashion, lifestyle taste, had been founded Yu the actual the Legalist Murdoch isn't ecstasy the country as well as popular in the world in within 1945, become thesynonymous with fashion. Released in 39 countries all over the world, with the trustworthy readers from the one million juicy couture bags, juicy couture luxurious brand founded in Early in the eightys, popular in European and American markets.

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