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Simple and useful, but with out losing the fashion juicy couture handbag has been going after. Designers this year with Scandinavian style philosophy, the Scandinavian minimalist design juicy couture handbag cleverly created fusion. Simple, generous, utility become among the key design concepts from the series, shoulder, hand cross, diagonal, to satisfy people's various needs. Easily simplify too much red tape decoration.

make softer the geometric forms, the use of "organic" forms of overall performance, more gentle and angry. The display will be white-collar ladies concise however modern full image. Using the color, selected blue-green, orange and other bright colours is doing, dreary winter, the dynamic scenery of pleasure.The actual handbag show, the modeling industry rookie PAN Yan to its current fashion trends. Miss Globe finals in The far east.

PAN Yan also joined this particular top ten, Zhang Zilin, a world-cl*** par "Chinese Beauty". As soon as his introduction, quickly gained the prefer of the main fashion magazines, frequently boarded the fashion Diary cover. Especially "juicy couture" magazine recommended supermodel, Juicy Couture handbag store extremely expressive allow her to give the impression that each group of large areas of really deep impact.

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