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Filthy English has an eclectic mix of notes that each blend together for a simply irresistible finish. These notes include, leather, agarwood, mandarin &l t;/a>orange, sandalwood, cedar plank, oakmoss, vetiver, musk, cypress, ebony wood, marjoram, carrot seed, cardamom as well as bergamot. Leather and agarwood have the most predominant aroma with a stop of sweet earth accords coming through the background.

Presented in a stylish modern design container this fragrance not only smells great onto it looks fantastic ion the dressing desk too. Carried out with charms along with a lion crested design this bottle is bound to standout attractive everyone to try it. A refreshing woody scent ideal for any occasion.

This irresistible fragrance released within 2008 by juicy couture was a fragrance designed for the adventurous woman. The fairly sweet fl**** fragrance works well with a variety of different styles and smells great on ladies of any age. Put on day and night throughout the year for an attention grabbing finish for your style as well as wait for all the compliments from friends and family.

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